There are two types of leadership styles - Ruler Leadership and Servant Leadership. 

Ruler Leadership is based on an elitist mentality and requires establishing control over those that you lead. It is all based on your desires and goals. It establishes that you know what is good for the people and they cannot take care of themselves. The leader feels that they are smarter, wiser, better educated, higher up on the social ladder, and was born to lead. 

Servant Leadership is based on the desire to serve those that they lead. The leader takes their talents, intelligence, and skills to apply them on providing what is best for those that they lead. It incorporates an attitude that, for the most part, everyone knows what is best for them and allows for individuality. It takes the approach of being a representative, not a ruler.

The UAP is dedicated to developing Servant Leaders in our officers, candidates, and organization.

Secondly, leaders are not born leaders, they are developed. The UAP is committed to providing training, resources, and our own leadership to ensure that our leaders have all the necessary tools to become great servant leaders.

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Expect Leaders to LEAD

You've heard the expression, "LEAD, FOLLOW, or get the heck out of the way!"