Culture of Acountability 

Instilling Accountability into a political party is a monumental effort and it requires absolute dedication. Politics is not known for having individuals that are responsible, honest, and self-sacrificing. As such, it will be a major endeavor to change the way that our political system operates. We feel, however, that we are up to the task. The need is just too great that we cannot fail in this endeavor. To be successful in being an accountable political party, you will need three things:

Sacrifice - You must be willing to put the needs of the country and your fellow citizens above your own. Your goals of establishing the best government and the best society must be greater than maintaining your party image. In the UAP, our party is only as good as the goals and the government that we want to achieve. We must never put our party image or the party success above those goals.

Courage - You need to have the courage to hold true to your principles and your goals. Let's face it, politics is a cesspool filled with corrupt, dishonest, and unethical people. If your mission is to clean up the political system, you must have the courage to face the billionaires, the government officials, the media, and those that want to destroy you because you represent a threat to their control and power. This party is not for the weak of heart.

Determination - Our Founding Fathers fought a war (and for the most part, a losing one) for 8 long years. None of those years were easy and there was a lot of pressure and reasons for giving up. But they knew cause to be righteous and good. Our goal of establishing accountability to our party and to politics will be no less daunting and arduous. Yet our goals are built on the same righteous cause that motivated our Founding Fathers. You must have the unwavering commitment and determination to see this through to success. 

If you can bring those three attributes to this party, then you can be successful in establishing accountability in the UAP, and with the success of the party, to all government offices.

Are you made of the right stuff to help us in our cause?