The foundation starts with the culture of the UAP. Our primary goal is to change the American political system to make our government more accountable, representative of the people, and dedicated to protecting our rights.  Added to that is our devotion to a better society that looks to its citizens, not its government, to solve the issues of the day. This fundamental shift in political thinking is what gives the United America Party the ability to find new solutions to our problems, the ability to unite Americans to a worthy goal, and allows us to work with other political forces to bring about a change for the better. This also keeps us centered and resistant to extremism. 

After that comes structure. We have structured our party like the Founding Fathers structured our country - all the power is invested at the local level. Our county organizations are the power bases in our party. They control our states, the states control the national party. Look at the graphic to the right. You can see that the power (and the control) of the national party is vested in the National Committee, not the officers. This is unique in a political party. The National Commitee is made up of state representatives. By divesting the power to the states, we reduce the ability of the few to take control of the party and corrupt it. We also have restricted state and national organizations to spend funds on a single county or state. They either need to distribute the funds equally to all or devote them internally into state/national programs that benefit everyone. This takes out money as a means of control.

Our goal is to create an incorruptible party that requires that all 13000+ county organizations will need to be corrupted if you want to corrupt our party. This is the foundation that you establish for a party that wants to bring honesty, integrity, and accountability to politics.

The final piece of the puzzle? Every one of these county organizations are devoted to ensuring that our leaders are committed to honesty, integrity, and being held accountable for actions. This, more than anything else, is how we are going to bring about change to American politics.