Government is the most ineffective, inefficient, and most expensive way of getting anything done. Americans have unwittingly given power to the government to purportedly solve all of our problems – from hunger to supporting the arts. There is no problem small enough or big enough that we don’t ask government to get involved with. Yet, in everything that government gets involved with, they either fail to solve the problem or (in many cases) make it worse. Our Founding Fathers based our government on the belief that “we the people” know what is best for our society. As such, we will be better at finding solutions to problems that face our society. By giving government authority to solve our problems, we have given them authority to run every aspect of our lives – what we eat and drink, where we go, how we live, what we can do, what we can say, and how we must think. Is this the kind of control that you want to give the government? The United America Party is committed to returning the control back to the people. We feel that we can solve our own problems better, faster, more efficiently, and with less cost than government solutions. In doing so, we will remove the chains that government has placed on all of us.

Government's philosophy is that you are unreliable, uneducated, and unworthy to run your own life and they need to do it for you. They believe in themselves and their so called "Enlightened Elite" approach.