A New Party For A New America

"If we want to change government, we have to change our political parties"


On SeDeclarationptember 17th, 2020, a new political party was formed. The United America Party.

This party, however, is not your typical political party. In fact, it is nothing like any political party that America has ever seen.

You see, this party was specifically designed to not only change government and government policies but was designed to radically change the political process in America.

In order to address the problems with our current government and horrible laws that they make, you have to go deeper than the government institutions and politicians. You have to go to the root of the problem, and we did just that.

The root of the problem with government is corrupt and immoral political parties that infect every aspect of our government.

If we want to change government, we have to change our political parties. Here is how we phrase it:

"Corrupt politicians come from corrupt parties. You can only get corrupt politicians from a corrupt party and a corrupt party will only produce corrupt politicians."

This is where we start. Before we have any platforms, before we start campaigning our candidates, before we start raising funds, we must first ensure that we have built a party that is built to prevent corruption and any subversion of the will of the members.

Here are some key points to the structure of the United America Party:

One of our Core Principles: We are committed to bringing honesty and integrity to every aspect of American government.

Our party authority is vested in our county organizations. Counties control the state, states control the National Party.

We have Ethics and Accountability Committees in every organization to ensure officers and candidates keep their promises, adhere to party principles, and are responsible to the people.

All party leaders and candidates are fully vetted and must sign a contract stipulating their promises, goals, and how they will maintain party standards on morality and conduct.


Additionally, there is a culture built within the United America Party that is dedicated to having a political party that the American people can trust.

Now, I know that many of you are laughing at that, but think about it - We are giving these mem and women power to control our lives, power to affect our incomes, power to control our society. Don't you think that it is insane to give that power to people that you don't trust?

It only becomes accepted as a normal process of government when your only choice is Dishonest Candidate A versus Dishonest Candidate B. But what if there was a party that was dedicated to electing only those that we could trust? That would earn our trust by their actions, not their words? That were held accountable by their own party to uphold that trust?

That is when politics and government in the United States will change and when we will have "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people."

I ask you to take just a little of your time to investigate and learn more about the Untied America Party. If you do, you will find that it is the political party that you have been waiting for.


Randy Stufflebeam is the Chairman of the United America Party. He also is a political commentator, speaker, and activist for Constitutionally Correct.


The United America Party

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