Defeating American Socialism – The Sun Tzu Method


AmeicanSocialismOne of the key Beliefs of the United America Party is that we are currently living in a socialist society. We are not a democracy; we are not even a Constitutional Republic. While the country was formed to be a Constitutional Republic, we departed from that form of government over 100 years ago. No, our current government is, for all intents and purposes, a socialist government. Even more discouraging, however, is that we live in a socialist society. The citizens of our country have accepted that we must be ruled by government rather than rule themselves.

It is not the same kind of socialism practiced in Europe and in communist countries, but it is very much a socialist style of governance. We have a small group of “Enlighted Elite” that dictate what we do, what we eat, what we say, how we earn money, how we act, and even how we think. When you take the time to ponder the extraordinary amount of control that government has on our lives, it becomes pretty obvious that we live in a socialist society. We call it American Socialism to differentiate it from the other socialist governments of the world.

The biggest problem with a socialist government is that they control everything. They control the media, the government, the schools and universities, and the economy. With that kind of power, it may seem to many of us that are fighting for liberty that we cannot win. Indeed, every year the situation gets worse when it comes to our rights and liberties. It appears that we lose every battle and are always losing ground to the tyrants and criminals.

There is a way, however, to fight back and no, it does not involve violence or an armed rebellion. While this is a war that we are fighting, violence will only make things worse, not better. Yet, we do need to think in military terms when it comes to our strategy.

Enter Sun Tzu. That Chinese tactician and strategist that created ways for a smaller and weaker force to win against a much stronger and larger foe. He taught about how we should not attack them at their strong points, but where they are weak. Don’t attack where they expect you to attack, but where they don’t expect you.

Using these concepts, we have a plan of using our party to win local (city, county, and school district) elections. This does not require that we use mainstream media or even the large social media platforms that are nothing more than propaganda machines for the socialist rulers. It does not require spending millions of dollars to fight entrenched incumbents in state or federal positions.

If we can be patient, we can win these battles. Then, city by city, county by county, we take back our country. Once we have enough counties in a state that are backing our cause, then we introduce our mighty weapon – nullification. We simply refuse to acknowledge or obey their unconstitutional and tyrannical laws. Our city government, county government, and sheriffs all joining together to simply tell corrupt, power-hungry state and federal officials that we will not comply nor participate in their unrighteous dominion over us. We take back our freedoms and allow our fellow citizens to sample the sweet taste of freedom that many have either forgotten or not tasted.  Once they get a taste of what it means to be free of regulatory slavery, they will join with us to finish the war. Then, when our army is stronger and larger, we take back America.

Want to know more about this strategy?  Listen to or watch our UAP Town Hall meetings that take place every third Thursday of the month.

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