Letter From Mark

As we were working on the founding documents of the United America Party and working out the vision for the party, one of the guys who was working with us, Mark Bachman, truly caught the vision and was so inspired that he wrote a letter to his family and friends to tell them about this new endeavor.  The spirit that he captured in his letter was so moving and motivating that I asked if I could share it with you.  The following is his letter in its entirety.



writing letterSome two hundred and forty-four years ago, a few good men decided enough was enough. Their foresight perceived where the oppression of King George III would lead if left unchecked. They made a costly and unpopular decision, declared independence, and gave birth to what eventually became known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Fifteen years later the founders of this fledgling nation added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution in an effort to ensure that the government they had established would never retrace the steps of the one against which they had been forced to rebel.

Those rights, endowed to us by our Creator and deemed inalienable by our forefathers, are now trampled on a daily basis in ways beyond anything King George could ever have imagined. Perhaps no crime is committed more frequently by our politicians than the one defined in 18 U.S. Code § 242 as deprivation of rights under color of law, yet few if any of our leaders are being prosecuted. Corruption in both major parties is the norm. Governors and mayors, Republicans and Democrats alike, have deemed casinos, liquor stores, and abortion clinics essential and churches completely unnecessary. America is becoming increasingly more dark and divided.

Even Donald Trump, who looks so Messianic next to the likes of a Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, has allowed more infringements upon our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights than any president before him. I could delineate instances of government overreach until every one of you wearied of reading. Suffice it to say, it was this president who said, “take the firearms first and then go to court...I like taking the guns early...take the guns first, go through due process second.” He then followed that up by putting financial pressure on all fifty states to enact orders in violation of the second, fourth, fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth, and fourteenth amendments simultaneously. It has been under this administration that virtually every church in the nation was illegally forced to close its doors.

At the same time our streets are being flooded with murderers, released from prison because of covid, preachers are being arrested and fined and threatened with jail. When will we say, “enough is enough”? When will we realize that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil?

I want to introduce you to a new party for a new America—to a group that is restoring my optimism that my grandchildren may be able to enjoy some of the very freedoms we took for granted. I am not pretending that two centuries of abuse will be undone with the flip of a switch. I am hopeful, however, that we can begin to reverse the trend and can take back significant ground in the direction of liberty.

September 17th marks the official launching of the United America Party. Let me share just a few characteristics that distinguish this effort from countless other “third” party endeavors. The United America Party stands without compromise for constitutional principles. The UAP won’t be merely one more group spouting empty platitudes and making campaign promises that no one plans to keep. The UAP will make guarantees. Its candidates will sign contracts regarding those areas that for them are non-negotiable. Then the entire party will hold them accountable.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the UAP is its commitment to the decentralization of power. As such, the primary focus of the party will be local offices. The regions of America that are burning to the ground are being destroyed because of local leadership or the lack thereof. The UAP is not looking to play the spoiler in federal elections syphoning away the conservative votes from the only candidates that stand a chance. Party leaders will first seek local positions, many of which can be won or lost by the tiniest of margins. After they prove themselves at this level, satisfied voters will compel them into state and federal elections, where they will stand a real chance by running on their track record of guarantees made and delivered.

The United America Party needs spokespersons, and volunteers, but at this point, I am simply imploring you to care enough about reversing the direction of our country to give the UAP a look. I have sat in (via Zoom) on planning meetings and met the men behind the movement. I have shared their concern, I have witnessed their passion, I have felt their hope, I have heard their prayers. I am already committed to doing my part. I am asking you, would you at least contact me and let me know you are willing to enter into a discovery phase and decide if this group is for you? As believers we have been given a second birth. May Christ also grant the rebirth of our nation should He tarry His coming!


Mark A. Bachman


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