True Capitalism and the United America Party

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."

-- Thomas Jefferson


CapitalismLet me start this article by sharing a vision with you. It is the vision of the United America Party regarding how our society would look under a True Capitalist system that was governed by a Constitutional Republic:

I want you to think about the greatest civilization and the greatest period of that civilization. You can use any time, any civilization. 

Now, imagine an economic and technological growth that will double, even triple, the success of that civilization, no matter how large or how great their success was. Now imagine that this growth would not just be contained in the space of a couple of decades but would continue to grow for a hundred years or more.

If you feel that such a vision is an economic fairy tale, it is only because you do not realize the power of True Capitalism and what it can do for a society. That is understandable. You have grown up in a socialist society with a socialist government. In other articles, I have explained how the United States is a socialist society with a socialist government. In this article, I want to show you what True Capitalism is, what socialism truly is, and why the United America Party can promise you a society that will dwarf any economic and technological leap in the history of humankind.

Let us start with definitions because you have been given the wrong definitions of capitalism and socialism all your life.

Socialism: We have a different, more simplified, definition of socialism that we feel more correctly describes it—Socialism is the social, political, and economic model that puts power in the hands of an “enlightened elite” that consists of the wealthy and government. The “enlightened” few controls the government, and the government controls the people.

Many try to define socialism by using European models of government involvement in economics, but it goes beyond economics. Indeed, the political and social aspects of socialism are much more important.

Under this definition, we don’t see communism as another social/political model. It is just another version of socialism (i.e. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Also, it would equally apply to the current government and society that exists in the United States.

We see that there are different versions of socialism (American Socialism, European Socialism, and Communist Socialism), but still see it as the same tyrannical formula.

At the core of socialism is the belief that the people are stupid, untrustworthy, fickle, and unworthy to rule themselves. They need caretakers that know what is good for them. Those caretakers are made up of those that seek and want power.

Capitalism (True Capitalism): We identify capitalism by the term “True Capitalism” only because the title of capitalism has been misidentified and misapplied throughout history. Since Karl Marx first used the term, he and others have defined the system as being corrupt, unfair, and based on greed. So, when we say True Capitalism, we really are just talking about capitalism as it really should be defined.

Our definition of capitalism is really remarkably simple: Competition and Freedom. Competition provides the best service, the best products, at the least expensive price. It encourages and promotes research and development. It rewards hard work and intelligence. It provides the greatest wealth to the most people. It is not perfect, but it is 1000 times better than any other system that humans can develop.

Now here is mind blowing concept: Capitalism supports and promotes small businesses, not large corporations. That’s right. Under a real capitalist system, you have strong competition which means that small businesses take out large corporations that have become too big to best serve the public. They, in turn, become a large corporation and then are challenged by other small businesses. In a True Capitalist system, there are no large corporation dynasties. It just simply becomes too hard to maintain.

For capitalism to work, you need a liberty-based society. You must have a small government that only interferes and creates laws when absolutely necessary and only the minimal amount to achieve stability, fairness, and to prevent criminal activities.

At the core of capitalism is the belief that ALL humans are flawed. That no one has the wisdom, the benevolence, the intelligence, and the experience that qualifies them to rule over others. It acknowledges that we will make mistakes but uses the law of large numbers to minimize those mistakes. Whereas there is a great mistrust of the people in socialism, capitalism has a great mistrust of the “Enlightened Elite” philosophy. To sum up: Socialism believes in government. Capitalism believes in YOU. It is the principle and core belief that our Founding Fathers based the US Constitution on.

How is True Capitalism and Free Markets different? Isn’t a Free Market system better?

To start, the Free Market proponents base their ideas on comparing the current US economic and political model. As we discussed, our current system is not capitalism. It is American Socialism. Therefore, the weaknesses and faults that they assert are inherit in capitalism is not really true. Nobody can really discuss the faults of capitalism because it has never been in existence in our lifetimes.

Socialism promotes too much government. Free Market systems promote not enough government. It is based on the principles of Anarchy (not the rhetorical definition, but social/ political definition). We find that capitalism is the perfect middle ground between tyranny and anarchy.

Now, to be perfectly honest and transparent, we do believe that we need to get to a Free Market type of society someday. We just feel that it is a long way off. In saying this, it provides me with the opportunity to point out the flaws of a Free Market system in today’s society.

There are three main reasons why Free Market systems won’t work. They are:

  1. We are not ready for it. We have lived in a socialist system for so long that it has been incorporated into every aspect of our society. To switch from our current system to a Free Market system without a long and careful transition period would be, in a word, disastrous. We are so used to government controlling businesses, we don’t know how to use the power of consumerism to control large corporations that will manipulate the markets. True Capitalism is having just enough government control, really just a very minimal amount is needed, to help us while we transition from government running our lives to running our own lives.
  2. It requires that the entire world participates in it. Free Market supporters fail to take into consideration the impact of international trade. It is a fact of modern life that no society can exist without depending on trade with other countries. Unfortunately, there are countries that have strong control over their economies and currency. They can manipulate the markets to create unbalanced trade and influence. In a system where there are no borders, no treaties, no restrictions on trade, and no checks to manipulative governments, it is just simply naïve to think that we could thrive. It does not take into consideration that there are countries that hate and despise our way of life. Freedom and liberty are threats to their existence. They will use any means, both economic and militarily, to destroy us. Even with our existing system, we see how China and other countries are using trade as a weapon.
  3. It assumes that large corporations will not be greedy and take over. Without any government oversight, it would be very naïve to think that the existing large corporations and banks would not exploit the Free Market system to create a new social/political/economic model of Corporatism. Corporatism is the same as Socialism. The only difference is that you get a nifty little jingle when they take your money.

This is why the United America Party promotes a government, a social model, and an economic system that is based on Capitalism. The best system for a society and one that can create the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen.

I ask you to take just a little of your time to investigate and learn more about the Untied America Party. If you do, you will find that it is the political party that you have been waiting for.



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