Standing Truths About Politics and Government


  • Only corrupt politicians will come from a corrupt political party. they are interconnected. A corrupt party will only produce corrupt politicians. Corrupt politicians will be the only people that will want to be candidates for a corrupt party.  You must establish an uncorrupted party to produce uncorrupted politicians.
  • There is no person alive that is smart enough, wise enough, benevolent enough, and humble enough to be a good ruler. Therefore, we should not have rulers.
  • Unless the people forcibly apply a strong restraint on government, it will always seek to control and subjugate the population. It cannot be passively enforced but must be vigorously maintained.
  • Socialism is nothing but government control over a society. Government control has never, ever, produced a happy, successful, and equal society. They promise equality, they produce tyranny.
  • All tyrants work from the same motivation: “I am smarter than you. I am better than you. I know what is best for you. You are unfit to manage your life, so I must manage it for you”
  • The best things in America have come from the American society, not the American government. “We” are what makes America great, not our government.
  • Fear and division are the tools of socialism. Optimism and unity are the tools of true capitalism and liberty.
  • Over 95% of the population obeys the laws, observes the rules of a civil society, and wants to get along with everyone. That means that 95% of us do not need government control over our lives.
  • Societies always seek leaders. A leaderless society will only end up in chaos and fighting. The secret is to have leaders that are representatives or “Servant leaders” that work for the good of all and not just themselves.
  • We all make mistakes. As a society we will make mistakes. Even big mistakes. We must accept that. However, government does not make any less mistakes. Nor has government been unable to prevent major mistakes from happening. In fact, they make them more often and with tragic consequences. More importantly, their mistakes last much longer before being corrected. Therefore, it would be better for us to accept responsibility for our own destiny rather than allow flawed government officials to decide our fate for us. Society should resolve social issues; government should resolve government issues.

Just ask yourself two questions:

  • Who do you trust: yourself or the government?
  • Who do you think government officials are looking out for: the people or themselves?