Why Are Political Parties Corrupt?

politicianFor the most part, Americans have accepted that all politicians and government officials are corrupt. They have also accepted that all political parties are corrupt.

Considering the power that government officials have and the ability to influence our lives, don’t you think that is insane?

If you want to stop corrupt politicians, then you must create an incorruptible political party.

A United America Party Truth is that corrupt politicians will always be the product of a corrupt party and a corrupt party will only produce corrupt politicians. If you want to change the politicians, you must change the party organization.

You start with a commitment to honesty, integrity, and accountability. It must become a part of the culture of the party and the lifeblood of the organization. Every member, every officer, and every candidate must believe and support this principle.

Then you structure your party to prevent corruption by doing three things:

  1. You give the most power to the county organizations, the second most power to the state organizations, and the least amount of power to the national organization.  It is harder to corrupt thousands of county organizations than a small national one.
  2. You establish accountability committees at the county, state, and national level. These accountability committees are responsible for holding all party officers and politicians accountable to the principles and the standards of the party.  Any breach of the high standards and principles of the party is quickly dealt with.
  3. You have every officer and every candidate for the party sign a contract with the members of the party and with the public that commits them to their promises. No more campaign promises.  There must be campaign guarantees. Every officer and candidate will be held accountable for his or her contract guarantees and must fulfill them.

Once you have created a political party that has the culture and the infrastructure that is dedicated to honesty, integrity and accountability, only then can you trust the politicians that come from that party. More importantly, the only politicians that you can trust will be from that party.

That party is the United America Party