Are you afraid of the United States being taken over by Socialists? What if I told you that America is already a Socialist society and ran by a Socialist government? We have been such for at least over 90 years. As such, no one alive in America has experienced what it is like to live in a True Capitalist society. All the faults that are blamed on capitalism (1% controlling the wealth, hurting the poor, inequality) are really faults of our socialist government. If you really want wealth distribution, improving the lives of the unfortunate, better healthcare, better jobs, more pay, better living, and more freedom, then you want to embrace True Capitalism. We make this promise to each and every American: Allow us to incorporate True Capitalism into our government and our society, and we will usher in the greatest prosperity that the world has ever seen. We can be equally impoverished or equally entitled to unlimited opportunities. Which kind of society do you want?